Thank You

To all of Joe's loyal supporters, words of thanks from our candidate and campaign chair:

From Joe:

Thanks to all of you and the many other supporters of our mayoral campaign for your efforts. Although we did not achieve our shared goal, we provided our community a new perspective of future possibilities that I hope will bear fruit over time. Because of your volunteer efforts, this was the best campaign of the sixth that we’ve run. I’m disappointed that more voters did not find me the suitable choice. But as the candidate, I accept their collective decision in the vote count and the entire responsibility for it. The election result was certainly not a reflection of the tremendous effort that so many of you contributed to the campaign. I ask for this support as I finish the last two years of my current council term by helping to continue to illuminate the facts and issues that are the foundation of our vision for the future of West Orange.

From John Mandler, campaign chair:

I know that the results of yesterday's election are disappointing and disheartening. We worked hard - we sacrificed our time, talent and treasure in a campaign to bring real change to West Orange. The council results provide a glimmer of hope that a desire for change and new direction in our municipal government can continue to be nurtured. Although the goal that we wanted most to achieve - electing Joe as Mayor - proved elusive, we raised important issues, we forced essential conversation and we planted seeds for reform. All of that is good. You who worked so hard for Joe can be proud of the effort that you put out and the dedication to making our town better that you exhibited.

For me, serving as chair of Joe's campaign has enabled me to meet so many new and wonderful people. We came together from various political paths and backgrounds, united in a common purpose. I've come to know and appreciate people who six months ago were perfect strangers to me - and I hope that as the campaign ends we can continue building coalitions and looking for ways to make a difference together. You all put so much of yourselves into the campaign; you made my job easier by taking on so many of the campaign tasks. You were selfless in working toward our hoped-for end of electing Joe. It's been my privilege to get to know you and work together with you.

I hope that you hold your heads high because of your amazing efforts and that you continue to work for real change and to make a difference in West Orange.

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