Term Limits

To Joe, public service is just that -- a way to serve the community. It's not a career or a way to make a living, and it should be temporary. Joe believes that you best serve the community when you know you are in an elected office for only a limited period of time before returning to the relative anonymity of private life and, hopefully, serving your community in another fashion. This perspective, he feels, helps elected officials maintain focus and priority on serving the community, not themselves. When public service becomes the way to make a living, directly or indirectly, that focus gets split between what is best for the community and what is best for the elected official. Those two priorities are almost unavoidably in conflict, particularly given the power and responsibility of a multi-million-dollar budget and taxation decisions.  

This is why Joe supports term limits. It's why he will not run for another term on West Orange Town Council and, if elected mayor, will only pursue two full terms. Joe is in his second four-year term that ends at the close of 2020. He was elected in November 2010 in a special election to serve the balance of an unexpired term. Joe believes two full terms on council or in the mayor's office is more than enough time to contribute and make best efforts to implement the mandate provided by the voters. He feels the entire West Orange community would benefit from the new perspectives, new energy and new ideas of freshly elected leaders. 

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