“Township Residents Raise Money for Degnan Skatepark”


“There is some concern that part of the opposition to the skatepark is related to spending public money on the project in this difficult financial time,” said Joe Krakoviak, a resident who lives on Grand View Avenue and supporter of the fundraising committee. “Particularly, when we look at Livingston where they were able to raise a substantial amount of money through private means and not through town money, I think that is what everyone is trying to address.”


Although he said he supports the skatepark and donated money to the project, Krakoviak said the township should implement more steps in order for the skatepark to thrive.

“I think we need to be deliberate and thoughtful to make sure we maximize the probability of success,” he said. “In particular, we need to seriously pursue alternatives to public financing in these difficult times for our municipal finances and hurting taxpayers.”