Thanks to everyone who contributed to our election victory!

The only words I can come up with for yesterday’s election are, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Unofficial results show you giving me 4,494 votes, or more than 48 percent of the total That was quite close to the tallies of the two mayoral candidates in the May election, whereas yesterday’s vote count was spread among three candidates.

I’m gratified and humbled by these results, which I believe express a strong consensus by voters for our platform of fiscal responsibility, transparency/accountability, and decision-making in the best interests of all residents. Voters have spoken loudly that they want significant, positive change in town governance and our collective future.

I pledge to carry forward that message, which I’m certain has also been heard by other council members and the administration. I ask that you remain engaged in the issues affecting our great town and its governance.

We must continue to work together to shape a better future by facing our challenges as a community. Our elected officials need your input and advice so that we can lead West Orange as you would like.

I also thank the hundreds of West Orange residents who worked to spread our message to such great positive effect. The election was a tribute to what we can accomplish as a community when we focus on the opportunity to address a challenge. I also thank the other candidates for their commitment to the community and their willingness to offer themselves as leaders. West Orange is full of people who believe in volunteering for their community, and this is an important element of what makes our town such a great place to live.

I appreciate the trust you have shown in me. I look forward to continuing to maintain that trust by serving you as best I can to keep our town a great place to live while also keeping it affordable for all.

Sincerely, Joe