Thank you for the tremendous support!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tremendous support.  I look forward to serving you with such a strong backing.  Here’s a preview of the Thursday West Orange Chronicle (at least, my letter to the editor):

Thank you, West Orange, for your great show of support in last week’s election.  I’m gratified and humbled by the results, which I believe express a strong consensus by voters for our platform of fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability, and decision-making in the best interests of all residents.

I pledge to carry forward that message as I work with the other council members, the mayor and his administration–and you–for positive change.  I ask that you remain engaged in the issues affecting our great town and its governance as we continue to work together to shape a better future by facing our challenges as a community.  Our elected officials need your input and advice so that we can lead West Orange in the direction that benefits all.

I thank the hundreds of West Orange residents who worked to spread our message so effectively during the campaign.  This election is just the latest example of what we can accomplish as a community when we focus our collective will on a challenge.  I also thank the other candidates for their commitment to the community and their willingness to offer themselves as leaders.  West Orange is filled with people who believe in volunteering their talents and services, and this is an important element of what makes our town such a great place to live.  In addition, I appreciate the West Orange Chronicle’s endorsement and election coverage.

Thank you for the trust you have shown in me.  I look forward to continuing to serve you as best I can to get our town back on track to be a great, affordable place to live. Please contact me with your suggestions, ideas and questions at

Joe Krakoviak, Councilman-Elect